Experience. Explore. Discover.

  • Viewing wildlife on Little St. Simons Island

With an Island map in hand, or with one of our skilled naturalists leading the way, exploration and adventures fill your days on Little St. Simons Island.  

  • Taking a bike ride on the beach on Little St. Simons Island

Stroll or pedal along the surf line where sea shells are many and footprints few.  

  • Backbone Trail

Hike or bike amid miles of hushed, forested trails and sandy roads.

  • Sunset view

Gaze across large ponds where birds feed and gators rest. 

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Discover intimate perspectives on waterfowl and marine life from a canoe, kayak or motorized skiff along a tidal creek.

  • LSSI Guest Map

As one would expect on an island that is the private domain of no more than 32 overnight fellow explorers, there is an abundance of serenity and restorative solitude on Little St. Simons Island.

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