2017 Spring Birding Days

April 23 - 29, 2017

     Join naturalist and author Scott Weidensaul for a celebration of the spring migration! In addition to our regular activities, we'll be highlighting the abundance of species that flock to Little St. Simons Island during this special time. Weidensaul is the author of more than two dozen books on nature, including the Pulitzer Prize finalist "Living on the Wind: Across the Hemisphere with Migrating Birds." He is an active field researcher, studying the migration of hawks, hummingbirds and owls.

         In field trips and evening lectures, you'll explore the dynamics and mechanics of bird migration firsthand, learning how the birds that fill the beaches and forests here are able to travel the globe and find their way. You'll learn about the conservation challenges facing migrants, and how changes in our every day lives (including the kind of coffee we serve on Little St. Simons Island) can make a big difference for migratory birds.  This is an amazing opportunity to work on your bird identification skills with Weidensaul and the island's staff of naturalist guides at your side.

     All packages are priced per couple, double-occupancy.  All meals (including beer & wine), naturalist-led activities, use of the island's equipment (kayaks, fishing tackle, bicycles, etc.) and boat transportation to/from the island are included.  Taxes and 18% service charge are applied to all packages.  Rates for Tom House and Michael Cottage are higher.

Seven-night package:  Sold out. 

Arrive on the afternoon of Sunday, April 23rd and depart on the morning of Sunday, April 30th

Four-night package: $2500

 Arrive on the afternoon of Sunday, April 23rd and depart on Thursday, April 27th.

Three-night package: Sold out  

Arrive Thursday, April 27th and depart on the morning of Sunday, April 30th.



Spring Birding Days with Scott Weidensaul

Possible Sightings Include:

  • red knots
  • ruby crowned kinglets
  • parulas
  • blue-grey gnatcatchers
  • vireos
  • American oystercatchers
  • bald eagles
  • black-necked stilts
  • painted buntings
  • egrets
  • anhingas
  • ruby-throated hummingbirds
  • roseate spoonbills
  • Wilson's plovers
  • cedar waxwing
  • summer tanager
  • black-throated blue warbler
  • black-throated green warbler
  • Cape May warbler
  • prairie warbler
  • palm warbler
  • American redstart
  • worm-eating warbler
  • pine warbler
  • black poll warbler

red knot

Shark Days

July 18-23: with Special Guest Experts

Special offer: 20% Off!  Book all five nights by 4/30/17.

The second annual Shark Days on Little St. Simons Island begins on Tuesday, July 18th for five nights!  

Join us with special guest experts, Captain Brooks Good, Dr. Eric Reyier and Dr. Jim Gelsleichter to learn more about, and interact with, these fascinating creatures.

Highlights of Shark Days Include: 

·         Kickoff presentation by Captain Brooks Good, focusing on catching, identifying and releasing the various species of sharks found in nearby waters.

·         Charter fishing excursion where we will all head out on Captain Brooks’ fleet of fishing boats to catch and release sharks in local waters.  Dr. Eric Reyier will join us to tag the sharks, collect data and teach us before releasing the animal.

·         Surf fishing and shark tagging from Little St. Simons Island’s beach with our staff naturalists and Drs. Reyer and Gelsleichter. 

·         Learn about and observe Dr. Reyier’s new research project starting this week on Little St. Simons Island, evaluating the potential for the Island’s creeks to be vital pupping ground for newborn lemon sharks.

·         Dr. Jim Gelsleichter to teach us about shark reproduction and life cycle, featuring exciting topics like oophagy and intrauterine cannibalism! 


Nightly rates are per couple and include:

  • Two spots on the charter fishing trip
  • Presentations by special guest experts
  • Guided surf fishing with naturalists 
  • Scientific data collection and observation with special guests

In addition to our regular all-inclusive services:

  • meals
  • beverages, including beer & wine
  • naturalist led adventures, like kayaking, truck tours and birding
  • use of equipment, like fishing tackle, kayaks, bicycles & motorized skiffs
  • boat transportation to/from the island


 Five night minimum, arriving on Tuesday, July 18th.  Charter fishing trip is subject to weather, and you must book all five nights to participate.  Call to book, or for more information, email Taylor@LittleSSI.com.

Shark Days

Special Guest Bios

Captain Brooks Good

In addition to having over 25 years’ experience fishing around the Golden Isles, Captain Brooks worked as a state biologist for over a decade.  His scientist-sportsman perspective is both fun and enlightening.  Brooks and his crew at Coastal Outdoor Adventures catch and release thousands of sharks each summer. (Below: Capt. Brooks demonstrating fish size exaggeration technique.)

Capt. Brooks demonstrating proper exaggeration technique

Dr. Eric Reyier

Eric Reyier works as a fisheries biologist at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center near Cape Canaveral, Florida. Originally from Seattle, he fell in love with sunshine and is now on year seventeen of a planned two year Florida adventure where he has studied everything from tiny larval fishes to adult sharks.

His current research focuses on using acoustic telemetry and other emerging technologies to resolve the habitat preferences, seasonal migrations, and spawning locations of estuarine and coastal fishes in east Florida and throughout the southeastern United States.

Dr. Jim Gelsleichter

Dr. Gelsleichter has conducted research on sharks and their relatives for more than 20 years.   He is currently an associate professor of Biology at the University of North Florida (UNF) where he teaches courses in shark biology, endocrinology, and toxicology.  Jim also manages the UNF Shark Biology Program which recently took over shark surveys in southeast Georgia. 

Turtle Days

July 23 - August 20

Loggerhead sea turtles were federally listed as a threatened species in 1978 as the result of significant declines in nesting populations.  Federal and state agencies developed a recovery plan for sea turtles in the early 1980's.  

Since then GA DNR Non-Game Conservation Section of the Wildlife Resources Division began a coast-wide monitoring project to determine nesting success on al Georgia beaches and to ensure conservation efforts through education, law enforcement and research.  Now, decades later, the number of nests in Georgia suggest that these long term efforts are proving fruitful.  Shattering all previous records, 2016's nesting season gave us 223 nests - nearly 100 more than the previous year's record count!

Come celebrate the success of sea turtles on Little St. Simons Island.  Turtles begin laying eggs in May, and by July and August, many of these nests will hatch.  In addition to our regular naturalist-led activities such as birding, fishing, hiking and kayaking, we will be offering special sea turtle focused activities and educational opportunities July 23 - August 20, with the anticipation that the bulk of our nests will hatch during this time frame.   

 During this time, you may have the opportunity to:

  • Experience a sea turtle monitoring techniques
  • Participate in a post -hatch nest excavation and data collection
  • Learn about sea turtle nesting and conservation efforts to restore populations in evening presentations

There may also be the chance to:

  • View sets of tiny turtle tracks from a nest to the ocean
  • See a hatchling making his way out of a nest to the ocean

What you should know: Wildlife-based events cannot be guaraneed, as they are dependent on location, weather and timing of the hatch.  Staying more nights increases your odds of being on the island during a hatch and nest excavation.  While we have a two-night minimum, we advise those particularly interested in witnessing a turtle event to book five to seven nights.

Because of conservation initiatives, Little St. Simons Island does not permit motorized vehicles on our beach. Therefore, getting to and from nests will be on foot or bicycle.  This can be a terrific workout!

To make reservations, call 888.733.5774 between 9:00a and 5:00p EST, or click on the "Book Now" tab at the top of the screen.

2017 Fall Birding Days

September 21 - 27, 2017

Special offer: Four nights for the price of the three-night package.  Book by 4/30/17.

Celebrate the fall migration on Little St. Simons Island! Guest ornithologists join our staff naturalists on excursions highlighting the abundance of species that flock here during this special time. September 21 - 27, 2017.

Arrive September 21 and stay three nights for $2,075

OR September 24 and stay four nights for the same price!

OR stay for all seven nights for $4,150!

Package prices are subject to taxes and 18% service charge, and are all-inclusive for two people, double-occupancy. Availability is limited, so call 888-733-5774 between 9:00am and 5:00pm ET daily or click "Book Now" at the top of this page for availability and reservations.

Possible Sightings Include:

  • black-crowned night heron
  • reddish egret
  • Caspian tern
  • royal tern
  • long-billed curlew
  • piping plover
  • black-bellied plover
  • glossy ibis
  • marbled godwit
  • black-necked stilt
  • American oystercatcher
  • Northern harrier
  • red knot
  • American bittern
  • marsh wren
  • great black-backed gull
  • nighthawk
  • osprey
  • brown thrasher
  • ruby throated hummingbird
  • yellow warbler
  • American redstart
  • Eastern kingbird
  • blue-winged teal
  • bald eagle
  • anhinga
  • and many, many more!

    Photo by Ian Davies

Fall Birding Days

Likely Sightings Include:


 Photo by Pete Oxford

  Photo by Pete Oxford

Photo by Tom Johnson

Photo by Tom Johnson

Photo by Brad Winn

Photo by Ian Davies

Photo by Ian Davies

 Photo by Tom Johnson

Photo by Tom Johnson

 Photo by Ian Davies


Holidays on Little St. Simons Island

Give your family the gift of an island getaway!

Imagine you and your most dear friends and family with an entire island to yourselves.  As an added bonus, you avoid those troublesome hosting responsibilities.  Let us take care of all the meals, entertainment, and lodging.  

Little St. Simons Island is available this year for the holidays for a full island buyout.  Five night minimum.  Friday, December 22nd - Wednesday, December 27th and Wednesday, December 27 -Monday, January 1st.  

For a party of up to 32 guests, we include:

  • three-meals daily, plus naturalist-hosted hors d'oeuvres
  • beverages, including soft drinks, beer and wine
  • naturalist-led activities, like fishing, birding, hikes and more
  • use of the island's equipment, like kayaks, bicycles, motorized skiffs and fishing tackle
  • lodging
  • and boat transportation to/from the island!

Additionally, you'll enjoy amazing service and planning assistance from our Events & Groups specialist, Shana Love.  For more information regarding a full island rental for the holidays, please email: Shana@LittleSSI.com, or call 888.733.5774.

If you are interested in coming for the holidays, with a smaller group and not reserving the entire island, contact Shana to be added to the wait list.  We will contact you at the end of the summer if we are able to offer individual reservations.