February 11, 2019

Bringing the Inside Outside: A Gathering Space in the Garden

Posted by: Seamus Maclennan

Bringing the Inside Outside: A Gathering Space in the Garden

Little St Simons Island has pristine landscapes, remarkable wildlife, and beautiful beaches for guests to enjoy. From time to time, we bring the dining experience outdoors in the form of picnics. Depending on the time of year and weather, we usually have picnics under the shade of statuesque live oaks and cedars near the lodge, or further afield, for instance, near the beach.

Recently we set aside a space in our organic garden to hold picnics and host small gatherings. The gathering space is at the heart of the garden, surrounded by culinary herbs, flowering plants, and fruit trees. It has a floor of cedar wood chips, picnic tables, benches, rocking chairs, and a swing. The cedar wood chips are from dead wood here on the island. We made a trellis from rough-cut lumber derived from hurricane-downed, Little St. Simons Island trees. In time, it will be covered in climbing plants that will provide shade.

The garden is an island of open space in a largely forested landscape. This gathering space is great for watching birds, butterflies, socializing, or simply taking advantage of a well-sheltered spot that one can retreat to, perhaps to quietly read a book in the swing. We invite you to try it next time you visit…

Séamus Maclennan, Little St. Simons Island Horticulturist




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