Beach Adventures
family biking across the beach

Coastal Curiosities

Shell Walks

Whelk shells, shark eyes shells, lettered olives, and sand dollars abound on our beaches. Join Naturalists for a shell walk to uncover nature’s buried treasure on an excursion made for shell lovers.

woman holding shells on the beach

Coastal Curiosities

Beach Biking

Cycling is an ideal way to explore more remote portions of Little St. Simons Island. Hop on one of our Lodge’s beach cruisers and join a naturalist on a guided bike excursion to visit the mouth of the mighty Altamaha River, one of the most productive deltas on the East Coast. Or head south and explore the remnants of a tugboat wreck with a variety of marine invertebrates hiding in its hull.

family biking on the beach

Coastal Curiosities


Pulling a seine net with a naturalist is an exciting way to discover the abundance of ocean life just offshore from May to October. In the warmer months, expect to catch a wide array of fish and invertebrate species in the surf. Learn about the interesting organisms you pull in from our knowledgeable naturalists.

three men holding a net on the beach
woman giving child a shell

Just Add Water

Whether you walk, pedal, or ride to the beach—travel light. Our beach pavilion has all the towels, chairs, sunscreen, beach umbrellas, and. ice water you’ll need for full-day beach adventures.