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Birding, The Lodge on Little St. Simons Island


Here, Only the Sky is Crowded

Located on the Atlantic Migratory Flyway, our Island is a prized paradise for avid and casual birders. More than 330 species have been regularly spotted here, from Bald Eagles and Roseate Spoonbills to Oystercatchers and Painted Buntings. And the Island's undisturbed beaches and woodlands are havens for a number of threatened and endangered species.

Early morning birding trips, evening owl prowls and other bird-seeking excursion are regular activities led by our skilled naturalists. Or strike out on your own with binoculars, a map of birding hot spots and a Little St. Simons Island Birding Checklist.

  • Located on the Atlantic Migratory Flyway
  • More than 330 species recorded here
  • Value nesting, foraging and stop-over grounds
  • A critical staging for shorebirds
  • Recognized as an Important Birding Area (IBA) by the American Bird Conservancy
  • Recognized as a Reserve Site by the Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network (WHSRN)

Recent Bird Activity

Brown Pelican Photo by Phillip Murdaco

To see bird sightings on Little St. Simons Island recorded by our Naturalists as well as guests and local birders please visit eBird’s Hotspot Map. You can also visit our News page where our Naturalists post notable sightings.

Birding Hot Spots

Our Naturalists can either take you to or direct you to the best locations for spotting various bird species. In general terms, these are the Island's birding Hot Spots:

  • North Pond, Goose Pond, Skimmer Pond: Herons, Egrets, Ibis, and Spoonbills
  • Main Beach: Pelicans, Terns, Skimmers, Plovers and Gannets
  • Sancho Panza Beach: Shorebirds and Waders
  • Myrtle Pond Observation Towers: Waterfowl and Egrets
  • Myrtle Pond Blind: Wood storks and Roseate Spoonbills
  • South End Road: Osprey, Eagles, Kingfishers
  • Middle Woods Road: Owls and Woodpeckers
  • North End Road, Old House Road, Backbone Trail: Flycatchers, Vireos and Warblers

Bird List

For questions about the best season to see specific species, please download our bird checklist

Download PDF

Birding Events


Birding Days at Little St. Simons Island

Avian Research

Little St. Simons Island partners with many state, Federal and non- governmental organizations to conduct valuable research on the bird species on the Island–including many threatened and endangered species. Little St. Simons Island’s avian research partners include:

  • Nature Conservancy
  • American Bird Conservancy
  • Georgia Department of Natural Resources
  • US Fish & Wildlife Service
  • Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network (WHSRN)
  • Georgia Ornithological Society

In conjunction with our partners, our naturalists conduct surveys and collect data on the Island’s permanent and migratory populations. We report rare species sightings, track migration and are involved in special projects with breeding species. For more information, please visit the Ecological Projects page.

Take a virtual tour of the bird blind at Norm's Pond:

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Birding, The Lodge on Little St. Simons Island
Birding, The Lodge on Little St. Simons Island
Birding, The Lodge on Little St. Simons Island