The Island
view of the sunset on the river
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Forever Protected

Preserved through time, Little St. Simons Island has been celebrated for its contributions to local and global conservation. As “one of the most significant natural areas remaining on the eastern coast of the United States”, the Island provides critical habitat for a diverse range of flora and fauna (Deron Davis, executive director of The Nature Conservancy in Georgia). Recognized as a location of hemispheric importance for shorebirds by the Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network, the Island offers a stopover location for migrating and wintering birds. In 2015, Little St. Simons Island was put in a conservation easement with The Nature Conservancy to ensure that the preservation efforts that have been practiced here will be permanent. The Island has since become home to the Center for Coastal Conservation, which supports the management and preservation of coastal ecosystems in Georgia. Visitors can rejoice that the natural beauty and the ecological integrity of the Island will be forever protected. 

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Our Experiences

Throughout the day, the Little St. Simons Island Naturalists offer a host of excursions to immerse guests in the ecology of Georgia’s barrier islands. Whether birdwatching, hiking through the Island’s diverse habitats, kayaking the tidal marshes, or fishing the surf and coastal creeks, our gifted Naturalists will lead you through a personal experience and concurrently build an awareness and culture of conservation for years to come.

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