South End Trail

Explore the Island's Slash Pine forests and marsh hammocks as you venture across historic dunes on the South End. Make a stop at Mt. Little St. Simons Island, the highest natural point in Glynn County, or hike all the way to the Hampton River for views of neighboring Islands.

Trail Length: 2 Miles

Needlerush Trail

A forest-side walk uncovers hidden viewsheds of high marsh habitat dominated by Black Needlerush. Keep and eye out for wading birds and alligator wallows on this half mile venture along the Island's slash pine forest.

Trail Length: 0.5 Miles

Treasure Oak Trail

A brief walk to the largest live oak in the forest is a wonderful addition to a Backbone Trail hike.

Trail Length: 0.25 miles

South Pond Trail

South Pond Trail

0.5 miles

A quick trek through the pine forest leads to a beautiful marsh overlook and a great view of one of our Island’s eagle nests.

Trail Length: 0.25 Mile

Middle Woods Trail

Experience beautiful marsh vistas and old-growth oak trees hiking along a historic airstrip that cuts through the middle of the Island.

Trail Length: 0.75 Mile

Pond Trail

Pond Trail

1 mile

Following the western edge of Myrtle Pond, this trail provides great opportunities to explore stands of Loblolly Pines, look for blooming Sundews in the spring, and view birdlife from a raised platform along the route.

Trail Length: 1 mile

Tailbone Trail

Tailbone Trail

0.75 miles

An extension off of Old House Trail, hike through Maritime live oak forest to reach a vista overlooking Mitchell Marsh and Guale middens.

Trail Length: 1 Mile

Wishbone Trail

Venture across a section of marshland to reach Wishbone hammock. Hike through this remote and remarkable habitat and enjoy exceptional views of the marsh.

Trail Length: 1.5 Mile

Backbone Trail

Hiking along historic dune ridges through live oak maritime forest offers some gorgeous views of forest canopies and immerses you in some of the oldest and most pristine oak habitat found on Georgia’s barrier islands.

Trail Length: 2 miles

Old House Trail

Old House Trail

2.75 miles

Beginning at a Guale Native American midden site, this trail winds along the marsh, live oak forest, and freshwater wetlands and features the remnants of Quash’s House, a slave homestead. Running along the Island’s oldest western-most side, this hike showcases the long-standing human history of Little St. Simons Island, dating back to the 1400s.

Trail Length: 2.25 miles